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How Does 4G LTE Boosters Work?

How Does 4G LTE Boosters Work

The 4G LTE boosters are very powerful compared to the 4G and the 3G signal booster; they can amplify the signal to large areas like schools, office buildings, and supermarkets. The booster is so strong that it has no limit to the number of phones it can boost at a given time; hence it can boost and repeat the signal to mobile phones all around the area.

The 4G mobile signal boosters work like the 4g booster and are dependent on three main parts for their proper functioning.

 Let’s examine the function of each component so you understand how it relays the signal to phones and boosts them over a large area.

External antenna

The external antenna is called so because it is always located outside the building to collect the incoming mobile phone signals from the cell phone tower and send back signals from the phones to the cell phone tower.

The 4G LTE mobile signals are very strong and travel fast; however, they have trouble penetrating walls, glass, and trees in some cases. Because of the blockage, the phones receive a very weak signal. The External antenna picks up the 4G LTE outside the building, where it is stronger, and sends it to the amplifier.

The Amplifier

The 4G LTE amplifier works as a transformer that steps up the 4G LTE signal (either from the internal or external antenna). The signal travels to the amplifier through coaxial cables, which have shallow signal loss over short distances. Once the incoming or outgoing signal has been amplified, it sends to the relevant antenna for rebroadcasting.

The amplifier increases the signal strength to cover a large area and increase its signal strength. On average, a 4G LTE booster increases signal strength by 73 dB to 120 dB and covers at least 250m2

Internal Antenna

The internal antenna is the device that relays the 4G LTE signal to the phones in the building. The antenna also receives signals from all the phone in a home and send the signal to the amplifier.

There are two main designs of the internal antenna. The panel antenna is designed for use in a single office or home office (SOHO) as it sent signals 45 degrees to 75-degree while the dome antenna is designed for use in large spaces and can send signals at 360 degrees for use in large spaces or buildings.

Final Word

The 4G LTE signal booster helps phones get the strongest network boost for better phone call quality and fast internet speeds. It has a high amplification capacity and can serve an unlimited number of people. The booster works best due to the use of digital rather than analog signal boosting.