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Ways to take care of your dogs

taking care of dogs

Is there any companion better than a dog? An animal that God created to be man’s best friends. An animal that can take care of you like no human can possibly imagine. So, if you are planning to bring this four-legged furry angel to your home, it is better you know how to look after them. You have to be the one that takes care of the dog’s emotional and physical needs. Provide it with the right nutrition, shelter, water and medication. You also need to provide the dog with a lot of exercises, time for playing, and take care of its mind.

No matter what happens don’t take the responsibility of a dog lightly. This is what will help you grow the relationship between you and your dog.

take care of dogs

Feeding the dog.

No matter what you feed the dog keep in mind the amount of food you have to give. You have to give your dog meat. Don’t mistake meat for the by-product of meat. You must visit the veterinarian and take the right suggestions. Your vet will tell you exactly what food your pup needs to grow.

Maintain the schedule.

A dog needs to be fed twice a day. Figure the amount of food your dog needs on a daily basis. The amount of food your dog needs is will be written on the packet. Divide that proportion into two halves and feed your dog. Your dog will need to go to the bathroom after half an hour of eating.

Avoid overfeeding.

When you lovingly feed your dog with treats and food that you eat. It will cause an increase in weight of your buddy. No matter how badly your puppy stares at you, don’t give in. Treats can cause a lot of health damage to your puppy. Avocado, chocolate, raisins, bread dough, grapes, raisins, xylitol and onions are the kind of food that your dog needs to stay away from.


Your dogs need a lot of clean, drinking water. Make it a point that they have access to a lot of water. Put baby safe locks on the toilets. Dogs tend to drink the blue water inside the toilet, but it is extremely harmful for their health. Make sure when your dog is out, it doesn’t drink water from puddles. It is something that dogs do because it is sweet in taste.

ways to take care of dogs

Find a Vet, that is the best.

How will you know whether or not the veterinarian you have brought your dog to is good enough? He or she must be able to answer all your doubts and questions correctly. Look for a new doctor if you never get an appointment for your dog on time. You need to do daily check-ups. Keep the number of a doctor or clinic that is open all day long for emergencies.

Don’t miss out on Vaccinations.

You need to protect your dog against the kind of diseases he or she might get affected by. It has to be up to date. You need to give your dog injections that are either after every three years or in a year. Apart from the deadly diseases get your dog vaccinated against rabies.

Groom your dog on a daily basis.

Every dog needs grooming, but it depends on the kind of breed it is along with how much hair it is shedding. You have to make sure that there are no tangles or knots on the fur present on the dog. Use a combination of brushing and combing will avoid loss of hair. Use shampoos that will help to control the shedding of excessive hair. Wash once every week to reduce the loss of hair. If you don’t take care of the coat of your dog, then it will suffer from different skin infections.

Health of the dog’s paws.

Take care of your dog’s paws and the nails. Don’t let it overgrow. Train your dog in a way that they understand that trimming nails is a good habit. Give your puppy a small treat before and after the trimming. If you are unable to do it yourself, hire a professional who will take care of it for you. But, don’t let it grow in a way that is unhealthy.

Exercise is a must.

Dogs need to stay healthy. To provide them with the right kind of exercise, take them out on walks. Make sure you take your dog out on a daily basis. Some dogs like the Labradors need more exercise. To keep your dog in shape this is a must.

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