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6 Benefits Of Advanced Hygiene With Airflow

Dental hygienists have a tall task not just cleaning your teeth, but also suggesting the best treatment options for any conditions you may have. Almost all of us suffer from stained teeth. And much as we may not see the stains on the front side of the tooth, you’d be shocked if you saw the inner, back part of your teeth. If you’re a smoker, coffee addict, red wine lover, or consumer of some foods that leave particles lodged; you probably have stained teeth. Even people with braces need regular checkups. One of the most effective remedies for stained teeth is known as Airflow. It’s an advanced method of stain and plaque removal. A mixture of compressed air, water, and small salt particles are sprayed on the teeth surface to remove stains and plaque. Usually, the sale used is known as Natrium bicarbonate and is super effective in whitening any stained teeth surfaces.

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There are 6 major benefits of advanced hygiene with Airflow;

  1. It’s super effective.
  2. It’s painless.
  3. It’s very fast, that is results are evident almost immediately.
  4. It’s not intrusive; doesn’t require any anesthesia.
  5. It’s tried and tested, it’s safe.
  6. It’s affordable.

The habit of scratching your tooth with whatever material just to remove plaque is never recommendable. Doing so hastens the wearing out of the enamel, which leads to tooth sensitivity. But with Airflow, also known as Air polishing, you get to remove plaque without much hassle. Even hard to access parts, where the bristles of your toothbrush can’t reach; air flow is able to reach those and leave them sparkling clean.


Airflow is an advanced dental hygiene technique; find out from your hygienist whether they are offering this service. Like aforementioned, it is extremely effective and doesn’t take long. Anyone, including students, can try it out!